"My Favourite Island Church

- Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman CBE (1906-1984)




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St. Alban's Church, St. Alban's Road,

Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 1DE

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St. Alban's Church holds Mass twice a week on Sundays & Wednesdays.

We warmly welcome all newcomers to worship with us in a traditional

service sharing the Anglican communion.


Sunday Sung Eucharist -  9.30am

Wednesday Holy Communion - 9:30am


As part of tradition within the Anglo-Catholic worship incense is used during our services and prayers spoken and sung in traditional language.


Anyone wishing to include names of those in our community who are in need of prayer, please do contact us. Our intercesions of the sick, needy and the dearly departed are read on a weekly basis during our Sunday Eucharist.

Please contact our Parish Priest; Fr. John Ryder for submissions.


We kindly remind everyone that this church holds the Host and that silence is

to be kept before the service. We use Gluten Free communion wafers and wine from our local Abbey as part of the Body and Blood of Christ in which we share.


Having many events throughout the year from Piano recitals to musical concerts

we have recently revived the ministry of Healing at St. Alban's and our new Bereavement services which we have held at nearby Ventnor Cemetery Chapel.

Our outreach to the community extends to those in our parish who are unable to attend mass at St. Alban's due to health and our steps. Having recently installed our new 'easy access route' from St. Alban's Road, we still operate a service on the flat at St. Margarets' Hall in Lowtherville - the site of the former predecessor St. Margarets' Church which was replaced by our church of S. Alban


Our Church welcomes everyone no matter what denomination.

We also kindly welcome those with dogs to bring them to church

as an annimal friendly environment.






traditional anglo-catholic worship

Like all churches, we at St. Alban's rely on funds from our congregants. We take a collection every Sunday and

during our Special Events, so if you feel that you are able to make a contribution, it would be most appreciated.


Our collection plates are located at the back of the church.


For more information on how you can make a contribution please Click Here.



MASS will be celebrated by Fr. Gregory Clifton-Smith

On the second Sunday of each month at 9.30am


MORNING PRAYERS will be led by a lay member

On all other Sundays at 9.30am


Deacon Corinne will be offering Communion at

St. Margarets Hall on      TO BE ANNOUNCED HERE